Red Hat Forum 2017

Event Red Hat Thailand
October 5, 2017 | Plaza Athénée | Bangkok

Red Hat Forum 2017
The Impact of the Individual

Revolutions don’t just happen. They take people – individuals looking toward the future who are willing to step up and say change won’t happen to me but because of me. This year at Red Hat Forum, let us celebrate the individuals, the explorers, the builders. Let us recognize the unsung hero of the server room, the doer who keeps the lights on and the enterprise running. Let us spotlight the explorer, the dreamer who boldly offers a new solution to an old problem we just can’t seem to overcome. For open source innovation is only possible because of the people behind it.

Ingram Micro | NEOPLUS
Ingram Micro (Thailand) Ltd., headquartered in USA, is the world’s leading wholesale distributor of technology products and services. It sells only to IT resellers, from manufacturers such as Acer, Apple, Cisco, Brocade Communications Systems, Ruckus Wireless, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, Hitachi, NetApp etc. The company and its subsidiaries operate in 160 countries anddistribute more than 240,000 products from more than I,700 manufacturers to more than 200,000 resellers in 130 countries.

Neoplus Co., Ltd. is a leader in IT System Integration and Solution Provider in Thailand over 20 years which partnering with world-class companies like IBM, HP, Oracle, Dell-EMC, Red Hat, Veritas, BMC and etc. focus on End-To-End Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions, Cloud Based Solution, Digital Transformation, and IT Professional services. Our major business customer are leasding organization in both public and private sector including Banking, Telecommunications, Manufacturing industries, Healthcare and Government sectors.

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