IBM Power Your Future with AI Forum 2018

Event IBM Thailand
March 8, 2018

IBM Power Your Future with AI Forum 2018

Power Your Future with AI Forum in Singapore featured a series of AI thought leaders and industry experts to discuss their predictions on the future of AI as well as the impacts it has on businesses. Watch our replays on some of the exciting announcement we had at the event, specifically the launch of IBM POWER9 processor specially designed to support your AI implementation as well as witness how AI on Power Systems with machine learning works!

Difference between AI on Power with Machine Learning VS AI on Intel without Machine Learning

Launch of POWER9 processor designed for AI era

Businesses today are unsure what AI used cases will bring them business benefits, what software they should develop these applications with, what infrastructure and deployment model should be, and what accelerating technologies to choose from to overcome the limitations of today’s server infrastructure.

Hence, according to IDC, businesses should identify emerging IT leaders who work closely with customers to experiment, scale and, ultimately, bring AI capabilities to their entire business and help define the right AI models from a hardware, software, and deployment perspective and bring them to market.

Following the announcement of IBM POWER9 processor for enterprise AI at Power Your Future with AI Forum, IBM Singapore is proud to invite our first two POWER9 customers onto stage with a token of appreciation.

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